Secrets and Lies
20 Chapters - COMPLETE
Started October 2005
Completed December 2005

Beta Credits:
Megan - chapters 3 to 16
Sue - chapters 16 to 20

A world away from the Hellmouth, Buffy is
moving on with her life. When a case brings her
to LA she discovers something that had previously
existed only in her dreams. Will she get the chance
to voice her unheard thoughts before it’s too late?
Set in Season 5 of the Angel timeline, during the
episode ‘Damage’.

Chapter 1 - Apprehension
Chapter 2 - Straight to Business
Chapter 3 - Haze
Chapter 4 - Shadowing
Chapter 5 - Losing a Tail
Chapter 6 - Dead Man Walking
Chapter 7 - Distractions
Chapter 8 - Explosive Reunions
Chapter 9 - Clearing the Mind
Chapter 10 - Accommodating
Chapter 11 - Little Green Monsters
Chapter 12 - History Laid to Rest
Chapter 13 - Choices
Chapter 14 - Urban Cowboy
Chapter 15 - Shamu, Shanshu and Spike
Chapter 16 - Exposed
Chapter 17 - History Repeating
Chapter 18 - Incentives
Chapter 19 - Resolution
Chapter 20 - A New Life

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