What am I reading now?

All of these stories are absolutely phenomenal, and I would recommend that anyone read them. However, all of these stories are works in progress - or WIP's - so they are not yet completed. I've organised the fics into three categories:

Canon - Stories begin in the Buffyverse (as seen on TV) at some point and go from there,
Alternate Reality - Stories may include vampires and slayer but they did not begin in the Buffyverse, OR
All Human - Stories contain no supernatural elements.

Happy reading, (and reviewing!)
Disillusioned by Megan
Beloved by Spikes Heart and Liliaeth
Buyer Beware by Just Sue
Life Eternal by Kyra Storm
Strawberry Fields by Ameeya
Chirality by Yutamiyu
Clocks of the Long Now by Lostboy
Alternate Reality
All My Family by Spikeschilde
All Human
Playing on the Dark Side by PJ
In the Army Now by Im Bloody English
Oedipus Calling by Addie Logan

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