Parting Gifts
17 Chapters - WIP
Started January 2006

Beta Credits:
Megan - chapters 1 to ---
Art Credits:

When Buffy Summers jumped off the tower to
save her sisters life, she thought that was
it. Her life as the Slayer was now over,
and she could finally rest. When dark magics
pull her from the safety and warmth and thrust
her back into the land of the living, she finds
herself in a completely different world than
the one she left behind. In a life foreign to
the one she lived, Buffy has to use all of her
strength to not only survive this place, but
also help to change it for the better. A story
about a different world, post ‘The Gift’.

Written as a gift for my good friend Sue.

Chapter 1 - Gone
Chapter 2 - Stolen
Chapter 3 - Reanimated
Chapter 4 - Remembering
Chapter 5 - Changes
Chapter 6 - Foreign Objects
Chapter 7 - Lost
Chapter 8 - Recruiting
Chapter 9 - Deserted
Chapter 10 - Alarm
Chapter 11 - Notification
Chapter 12 - Understanding
Chapter 13 - Competition
Chapter 14 - Spectre
Chapter 15 - Failed
Chapter 16 - Aloof
Chapter 17 - Tumultuous

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