Fic Recs

Below is a list of my favourite fics. There are many reasons why I love each of these stories: they were memorable, emotive, captivating and enjoyable (or had REALLY great smut!) Once I started reading them, I couldn't STOP until I was finished. A lot of these fics I found during numerous stints as a judge at fanfic award sites. I would recommend that anyone give it a try, the wonderful stories you'll find is well worth it!
Anyway, if these stories were WIP's when I found them, I could barely contain my frustration when they weren't updated soon enough for my liking! (Every day would have been fabulous. LOL.) So for that very reason, ALL of these fics are completed.
Spuffy Canon
Vampire Spike and Slayer Buffy, just the way I like 'em!
The Hunt by Eurydice
This story is responsible for my writing, it's what made me want to write stories of my own. Plot driven, romance and action filled, strong (and more importantly) believable characterisations - both canon and original - make Eurydice one of the best BtVS fandom authors out there.

Summary: Buffy is forced to seek asylum with Spike when a new enemy targets her. Set mid-Season 5, Joyce is still alive, and Spike hasn't told Buffy about his feelings yet.
Harbingers of Beatrice by HollyDB
Wow. What can I say about this story. Honestly... this fic had me obsessed. I went to bed thinking about it and woke up in the morning after dreaming about it. It's dark, it's plot driven, it has incredible priginal characters. It has several twists you really do not expect. It's an epic story and a must read for any true Spuffy fan.

Summary: Wolfram and Hart, host of the greatest evil acknowledged on Earth, attempts to restructure the Order of Aurelius, one vampire at a time. A soul hampers one, a chip harbors another, and a Slayer stands between them. The pawns are in place; it is simply a matter of who will move first.
Fly Me to the Moon by Megan
What can I say about this story. Heart wrenching angst. Well thought out plot combined with stellar writing and spot on character voice makes this journey most definitely worth the read. (Link pending)

Summary: Set during Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 5. AU After Crush. Spike decides to return to LA with Drusilla after Buffy rejects him, leaving the Slayer bereft and sending Spike down a spiral of self-discovery that he's not the vampire he once was.
Return to Me by Jypzrose
Spike at his primal best. This story is a beautiful tale of the unspeakable bond between Buffy and Spike, a bond that nothing and no-one can tear apart.

Summary: Eight months ago Spike disappeared without a trace, leaving the Scoobies behind to frantically search for him. Just as they are about to give up, he shows up at Buffy's house, wild, broken, and unable to speak. What happened to him, and can Buffy, with Angel, help him?
Walking After Midnight by Chelle
On the show and in fanfic stories Buffy is always this powerful unstoppable force. Well that is not the case in this story.

Summary: Buffy has a horrible accident and is paralyzed from the waist down. A series of events leads to Spike moving into the Summers' house to take care of Buffy. Remember... she hates him. Right?
Island of Galleno by Isabelle
I stumbled across this gem of fic while judging at the Spuffy Awards and have never been so thankful for volunteering my time. The plot is incredible, characterisations eerily like what you'd see in an episode, and the love theme of the fic makes you go awww! Just watch out for the numerous cliff-hanger chapter endings.

Summary: The moment that Spike finally has Buffy he is vamp-napped by Riley and a new officer, Jack Marshall and sent to the Island of Galleno by the Moroccan coast were all the leftovers of the Initiative are being placed. Buffy frantically looks for Spike but gets news that he was 'accidentally killed' by Jack, who decides to make Sunnydale his residence.
Haunted by Kantayra
Another fic I discovered through judging. The plot for Haunted is awesome. The story unravels at an even pace (which can sometimes be infuriating!) which allows the reader to create a really good picture of the the original characters - all of which are delightful. Eventual Spuffy, so any impatient readers will find earlier chapters frustrating, but it is definitely worth reading.

Summary: Seven years ago, Spike fled Sunnydale and his abusive relationship with Buffy. Now, he and still-best-friend Dawn are working together in their own demon hunting agency. However, when they're called out to investigate a chain of supernatural murders at Cascade Mountain Lodge, they discover that Buffy's on the case as well. Will they be able to solve the mystery before they become the next casualties? And what does the solution have to do with the events of seven years ago?
Spuffy AU
All human, all the time.
A Touch of Jealousy by Echidna
Funny, cute, angst filled high school fic that really makes you wanna slug Dru and Angel for treating their former partners the way they did.

Summary: When B&S discover that their respective counter parts (Dru&Angel) have been macking on each other they're heartbroken & decide to get them back by making them jealous. The plan? Pretending to be an item, problem is that every1one knows they HATE each other!
Skull and Dagger by Kantayra
After reading this story I felt like I'd walked out of a movie theatre. It is that good. Kantayra makes the characters her own, yet at the same time you can perfectly visualise them as they are on the series. If it were set in 1735. *g* Minor BtVS characters are used brilliantly, I definitely recommend you read this story.

Summary: AU; everyone’s human. The year is 1735, and a spirited young Elizabeth Summers is miserable at being sent sailing for England in order to keep her arranged marriage with nobleman Parker Abrahms. However, everything changes when her ship is attacked by William the Bloody and his murderous crew, and soon Elizabeth finds herself a not-so-unwilling captive. But how far will she be willing to go once she realizes that her true love is a thief and a pirate?
Older by Nautibitz
If you're a fan of smut, pure and simple, this is the fic to read.

Summary: For a detailed explanation of what the fic is about, go HERE.
Guilty Pleasures by Ashlee
What can I say about this fic? Hot smut. Yep, that fits. But it is also much more than that. Ashlee has a talent for romance and you definitely see her talent expressed in this story.

Summary: When William ‘Spike’ Bradley accepts a teaching position at Sunnydale High School, the last thing he expected was to meet the woman of his dreams. Especially considering the woman in question is his student.
Travelling Soldier by Zarrah
This story is responsible for my writing, it's what made me want to write stories of my own. Make sure you have tissues on hand, this fic is a tear jerker. Romantic and unique in it's format, this fic is a must read.

Summary: William Bennett arrives in Sunnydale to await the bus which would take him on the first leg of his journey. Drafted into the army just two days after his eighteenth birthday, the shy young man wanders into the diner across the street from the bus station to wait. A young fifteen-year-old blonde with the face of an angel waited on him and, after his invitation for her to have a chat with him, the two learn more about each other in the few hours they spend together than anyone else had ever known. Follow their journey through the heart-felt letters of a Vietnam vet and the young girl he left behind.
Blazing Sun, Burning Hearts by William's Girl
Unfortunately no longer found online.
Make Her Own Way by Spufette
Buffy the kept woman and Spike the over-bearing partner. This story is angst driven with beautiful characterisations.

Summary: Buffy Summers is the mistress of Spike Giles, the most powerful man in Sunnydale. She loves him, he loves her and all, but he is also a control freak. Buffy wants to make in on her own, somewhat, but Spike is not willing to let her even try. His life, Spike's, concerns Buffy, even though this is a different tale of mistress and lovers. Buffy is trying to be independent, Spike is so not married. It's Buffy that is the one who does not want to marry!
Bangel Canon
Vampire Angel and Slayer Buffy, just like it was in the beginning.
Phoenix Burning by Yahtzee
EVERYONE should read this story, Bangel fan or not. This was the first piece of fanfiction I ever read and as such it's a benchmark. The plot is like none other I've ever read. The original characters are as individual as they are believable. Buffy and Angel are written beautifully and I cried more than once when reading it. Go, read NOW!

Summary: Post 'The Gift' and then goes extremely AU after that.
Domestication by Indie
This story is responsible for my writing, it's what made me want to write stories of my own. Angel is a vampire and Buffy is a Slayer but this story is as far from the canon Joss-verse as you can get. Brilliantly woven plot mixed with fantastic characterisations and eventual romance makes this a wonderful story.

Summary: The year is 2001 and the Slayer is protector of Guardian City, The City.  Largest of the walled human cities, it resides along the western coast of North America, encompassing the Hellmouth. More than ten million humans call it home and it is built on the indentured labor of thousands of DHSTs. They are the nameless, faceless masses, known only by identification numbers and devoid of any rights or voice. They were recruited from the Wastelands, the no man's lands that exist in the areas outside the Council walls. Victims of the vampiric plagues, human outcasts, demons... those outside Council protection survive hand to mouth in the harshest of conditions, left to the whims of Varkesh and his demonic hoards. But inside the Council walls, it is safe, clean, ordered.

But there are murmurings... There is unrest... Something is coming and the Council is desperate to end it before it begins. The DHSTs are restless. There are rumors of massings and traitors. It falls on the Slayer's shoulders to ferret out the threat. But she cannot do it alone.
When All Hell Breaks Loose by Tango
Buffy and Angel, with a touch of Spike. What more could you possibly ask for? Riley being kicked out of the picture, oh it has that too! *g*

Summary: Angel's soul is intact in this one - let's take that for granted. This happens just after Season 4 ends. Faith is in jail but Buffy never went to LA and Angel never came back to Sunnydale for "The Yoko Factor." So Riley never met Angel and all Angel knows of him is what Faith told him (and the time he spotted him with Buffy at the coffee shop).
Damage by Indie
Another Indie fic, but I couldn't help myself. As with Domestication, this story does contain vampires and slayers but it is in no way Joss-verse canon. Clever plot, excellent imagery and wonderful characterisations makes this story an incredible read.

Summary: Buffy is the Slayer trying to live life as a normal recently-graduated young woman. She has plans to go to college, to find love, to make her father and stepmother proud. Most of all, she plans to stay out of trouble. Staying out of trouble means avoiding resident morally ambiguous sorcerer, Liam "Angel" Roarke. Easier said than done when he's her stepmother's half-brother.

And easier said than done when they have a bond that goes beyond family ties, beyond magick, and beyond either of their understanding. Angel is the last person that Buffy would turn to for help - or so she thought.  She finds out differently when a series of events leaves her homeless, jobless and facing an identity crisis that threatens to crush her. It's just the opportunity that Angel has been waiting for. Can Angel make Buffy understand the importance of her Power? Can Buffy make Angel understand that Power isn't everything?
Bangel AU
Buffy and Angel, no demons and no pesky curses in the way!
A Convenient Marriage by Gia
I stumbled across this fic by accident and once I'd started reading it, I couldn't stop until I was done. The attention to detail is fantastic, the charactersations are true to canon but still original enough to earn the title 'AU'. The love scenes are gorgeous and you can't help but go 'awww' at the romance. But it is in no way an easy ride for our pair. Well worth the read and unlike any other Bangel AU out there.

Summary: AU. B/A, C/A. Challenge Fic. In order to keep her Irish boyfriend in the country, Cordelia helps arranges his marriage to someone 'non-threatening'. Here's Tara's Challenge.
Weathering the Storm by Trammie
So you thought Angel was kinda mono-syllabic on the show? You ain't seen nothing until you've read this fic. Warning: this fic is not Spike friendly.

Summary: Buffy takes up the challenge to bring her new officemate out of his shell.
All the King's Men by Indie and Tango
Indie and Tango together and what do you get? Smut driven fantabulous fic! Ever wondered what Buffy wouldn't have been like with a less than nice upbringing? Then read this!

Summary: Dark fic. AU. Buffy's a burnout. Angel's a grad student at UCLA. This fic ventures into dark and somewhat controversial territory. All characters are human. Contains mention of physical and sexual abuse, drug abuse, rape, language and graphic sex.  A portion of the plot and characterization were inspired by the novel, One On One by Tabitha King.
Masquerade by Kim
Unfortunately no longer found online.
Timely Reunions by Tracy
Very sweet story of two people who want to be with each other but something always gets in the way. Characterisations are great and the use of minor characters is excellent.

Summary: Completely AU. No demons, no hellmouth, no evil. Just two people whose lives connect early on, and they keep meeting till they get it right.

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