3 Chapters - WIP
Started July 2006

Beta Credits:
Megan from chapter 1 onward.

Life post Acathla was anything but simple
for a broken-hearted Slayer. Kicked out
of home and thrown out of school, Buffy
thought she’d had nothing left to lose.
She was very wrong. Killing Angel broke
her already damaged heart and sent her
on a self-destructive path. When she hit
rock bottom the last person she’d ever
expected to see again forces her to
reconsider the course her life is on.
Post ‘Becoming Part II’.

This fic was written for the
Seven Seasons Community
season 3 rewrite challenge.

Chapter 1 - Woe
Chapter 2 - Interloper
Chapter 3 - Despondent
Chapter 4 - Possession
Chapter 5 - Unexpected
Chapter 6 - Consequences
Chapter 7 - Truce
Chapter 8 - Misconception

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