Anarchy Reigns
13 Chapters - WIP
Started January 2006

Beta Credits:
Niamh chapters 1 to 9.
Sue chapter 1 ongoing.

Banner and Icon Credits:
Made by Kristina.

For once life in Sunnydale is going smoothly,
your everyday run of the mill vampire being the
only threat encountered by the Slayer and her new
patrolling companion. The quiet however, isn’t
going to last. Someone… wants the Slayer dead.
Again. Sequel to ‘Hidden Agendas’.

Chapter 1 - Shameless Affection
Chapter 2 - Shadows and Eyes
Chapter 3 - Calm Before the Storm
Chapter 4 - Second Thoughts
Chapter 5 - Investigations
Chapter 6 - Pledging Allegiance
Chapter 7 - Making Plans
Chapter 8 - Surveillance
Chapter 9 - Aphrodisiac
Chapter 10 - Magical Enchantment
Chapter 11 - Alone Time
Chapter 12 - Blissful Salvation
Chapter 13 - Excuses

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