A Mother Knows Best
6 Chapters - COMPLETE
Started April 2006
Completed April 2006

Beta Credits:
Megan chapters 1 to 6
Sue chapters 1 to 6

Banner and Icon Credits:
Made by Kristina.

Buffy hates Spike and Spike can’t stand
Buffy. Right? Ever since Willow’s ‘my
will be done’ spell, the vampire and
slayer have been plagued with thoughts
and dreams of their supposed mortal enemy.
And neither of them know what to do about
it. When Joyce Summers receives a mystery
visit from someone in the know, and learns
a little about the possible future, the
slayer’s mother is set to work – playing
matchmaker. Set in early season four, post
‘Something Blue’, and goes AU after that.

Written for Seasonal Spuffy Spring Round.

Chapter 1 - Denial
Chapter 2 - Shocking Revelations
Chapter 3 - Plan Formulation
Chapter 4 - Divine Intervention
Chapter 5 - Prophetic Visions
Chapter 6 - New Perspectives

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